Parking at Mercer


Summary of Areas and Rules for August  2019

  • Yellow and Blue Decals areas  — Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, No other decals allowed in these areas at any time
  • Student Center lot is for visitors and/or Green and Purple Decals only
  • Mercer Village lots are for Yellow Decals, Mercer Village employees and Mercer Village customers only
  • The alley behind Margarita's, Nu Way, and the Bookstore are for Mercer Village employees only.
  • All on campus resident students now receive Red Decals
  • Depending on which Lofts development you live in, you will receive either Yellow, Blue, or Purple Decals.
  • Yellow and Blue decals can only use lots open to all decals when on campus.  This is enforced at all times.
  • Parking on the diagonal lines beside Handicap Parking is a violation of state law and will result in a ticket.  This is true if even you only park there "for a minute or two."

About Ticket Appeals

If your ticket has writing on the back, it must be handled according to instructions on the back of the ticket. Mercer Police Officers are authorized to write State of Georgia tickets and may have written the ticket you have, but it is not a Mercer University Traffic Citation. The instructions for disposition should be on the back.

Mercer Campus Tickets have no writing on the back (except in rare cases.  See paragraph above.  They can be appealed five calendar days after the ticket is received.  Come into the Mercer Police Station at 1765 Winship St and complete an appeal form.