Parking Information & Regulations

Regulations expressed in on this Web page may change. Information on any changes will be relayed to the Mercer community through this Web page. These are the official parking guidelines.  Anything told to you by anyone, if it contradicts the information in this document, is superseded by this document. Mercer University distributes decals based on the appropriate zone for the person receiving the decal. Below are the zones and appropriate users:

blue Blue — All Freshmen, including freshmen living in Roberts Hall.

red Red — West Side Residents other than Freshmen (Garden Apartments, Adams/Winship Apartments, Greek Village, Shorter Hall,Mercer Hall, Sherwood Hall)

purple Purple — Commuter Students

green Green — Mercer Employees and Contractor Employees

There are also orange, yellow, and tan decals that are used for special purposes only. The holders of these decals are familiar with the regulations affecting them. Drivers authorized by the state to use handicap parking spaces can use such spaces in any zone if they have a properly displayed state permit.

Basic Information

All vehicles parked on the Mercer Atlanta and Macon campuses should bear either an official parking decal or authorized visitor's permit. Decals are free and a new decal must be obtained each year. Vehicles should be registered no later than the first day of class in the semester of your first semester at Mercer. Decals are not needed between graduation day of the last school year and the first day of class in the new year. Vehicles may be registered 24 hours a day 7 days a week at Mercer Police on Winship Street. You must provide your tag number to obtain a decal.

If you are permanently or temporarily disabled and require handicap access, you must see your doctor about a permit issued by the State of Georgia. Application forms are available at Mercer Police. Your vehicle must be registered with Mercer Police even if you possess a handicapped permit. DO NOT PARK IN A HANDICAPPED ONLY SPACE IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED, EVEN FOR A SECOND. IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW.



Parking & Traffic Regulations

Possession of a decal does not guarantee a parking space. The responsibility of locating a proper space rests with the driver. The lack of a parking space, being late for class or work, parking illegally for only a short time, leaving your flashers on, etc. are not valid excuses for parking illegally. The absence of a sign prohibiting parking does not mean you may park illegally.

You must park in a zone that matches your color decal. Signs indicating zoning are posted at each parking lot entrance. These signs display the color decal allowed in that area. Red, Blue, Green, and Mixed Color Zoned parking is enforced during the day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Yellow Decal only parking areas is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With one exception, parking on the streets inside the campus is reserved for those with a green decal. The exception is College Drive, which is zoned blue.

Parking spaces are marked by solid white lines. Your car must be in a space designated by solid white lines to be legally parked. If your car crosses a solid white line, either on the side or in the front or rear, you are in violation. The diagonal lines adjacent to handicap parking spaces are not legal parking spaces.

Visitor spaces are for visitors only. Students and employees are not allowed to utilize these spaces at any time. Campus hosts are responsible for the actions of their visitors and should provide them with these regulations. Visitors can obtain a permit at the Admissions office during business hours or Mercer Police at any time.

The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. Signs and traffic lights must be obeyed and can only be superseded by a police officer's directions. State of Georgia tickets may be given to violators by Mercer Police officers. These tickets are handled through the appropriate courts and may affect your driving records.

Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on pedestrian only areas without the express permission of the Chief of Mercer Police.

You are in violation if you park:

  • On a red, yellow, or blue curb
  • Across a solid yellow, red, blue, or white line
  • Across diagonal lines
  • Blocking a driveway or traffic lane
  • Where a sign says you may not park
  • In a space reserved for service vehicles unless you are in a university owned vehicle or in a vehicle owned by a university contractor on official business
  • On the grass
  • Where traffic cones, tape, or barrels prevent access to the spaces
  • In front of a dumpster
  • Blocking other vehicles that are legally parked
  • Where any law says you may not
  • In front of a locked gate
  • In any fashion that a police officer feels causes a danger or hindrance to persons or property