Campus Security Reporting

Welcome to the Mercer University Campus Security Reports page. These Reports are provided in accordance with the Campus Security Act. We are proud of our record and will continue to provide the utmost in campus safety.

Remember that you as a student or staff of the university can help in the pursuit of this goal by reporting anything suspicious that you see by calling Mercer Police.

Campus Crime Reporting—Jeanne Clery Disclosure

Statistics concerning certain criminal offenses reported to have occurred (such as robbery, assault, theft, arson, sex offenses, hate crimes, etc.) on Mercer’s campuses during the most recent calendar year and the two preceding calendar years are available below and through the Department of Education.

As a current or prospective student or employee of Mercer University, you have the right to obtain a copy of this information. Printed copies are available in the Offices of Human Resources, Mercer Police Department, and Student Affairs. For more information, contact Mercer Police at (478) 301-2970 (Macon Campus) or (678) 547-6358 (Atlanta Campus).

Download and Print the Campus Security Reports for 2022